"And He gave some as...evangelists" 

Ephesians 4:11




The KCEF is a community of like-minded believers, many of whom are called as “Ephesians 4 evangelists”.  We are striving to live out the Acts 2:41-47 model of Christian life; salvations, water baptism, church growth, Bible teaching, Christian fellowship, the Lord’s Supper, daily prayer and worship, miracles, signs and wonders, extreme generosity, eating together, a life of praise and discipleship.  Because we are an evangelist fellowship we have a heightened mission of evangelizing and saving the lost wherever we go.  



The 7DaysAblaze and Prophetic Evangelism Seminars are proven tools to bring people into a lifestyle of worship & prayer, devotion to the Word of God and outreach to the lost.  Via this training, we have awakened, gathered and sent many people to fulfill their calling in God. You will be equipped to develop your evangelistic gifting and you will mature to the point that:


“You can Talk to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime                             about Jesus Christ!”


KCEF sends out eight to twelve evangelism teams per week, depending on the season of the year.  Our teams go to a variety of people and places in our city. Our efforts also include witnessing done by individuals virtually every day. We are captured by the idea of day and night evangelism to reach the lost also.  In conjunction with other teams of evangelists from across the nation we have participated in short-term mission trips that are 24/7 worship & witness events to the cities of Minneapolis, Detroit, New York & Los Angeles.